This is a temporary blog to show the entries for the 2010 FU!UK Sculpting Competition, themed CTHLUEDO.

woensdag 3 november 2010

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There are two categories this year. Please click on the links below to take you directly to each category:

Evil Lurkers:

Hapless Mortals:


The Grandfather

Blob Monster

Sissy L'amour

Mrs. Migraine

Oh deary me...

Pickman's Pest

Nightmarish creature

Colonel Marbles, Eldrich Horror Hunter

Albino Penguin

The six foot tall Albino Penguin of DOOOOOMMMMM!!!!! From 'The Mountains of Madness'. (Even though in that story they just waddle around.)

Wilbur Whateley from 'The Dunwich Horror"...

Two God Icons

Two god icons. A statuette of Cthulhu and a relic of the Elder Things.

Lady Pussyhat

She's got a touch of the evil look, but she's just a poor hapless mortal, honest.

The Honourable Timothy Whopping

“Don't you think dear Timothy has gone rather too far this time, Tilly darling?”

“Oh too, too far!”

“One dreads to think what his father will make of all this. I dare say Lord Whopping is in for a terrible fright.”

“It is terribly frightful, isn't it dear?”

“Quite. It's one thing to carry on in London but quite another to do so here. I must say, I shouldn't be surprised if this party doesn't end with a murder.”

“Oh don't be so shocking Hattie! How shall I sleep tonight?!”

The Honourable Harriet Harbottle drained the last of her martini and stared mournfully at the olive resting quietly in the glass. “Oh I'm sure with the right encouragement you'll be just fine, dear” she sighed. “Now be a darling and find me another drink. I'm off to ask Timothy why he has that ridiculous toy gun.”


The Honourable Timothy Whopping. 34mm tall (which makes him 6'3" in heels at 1/56th scale in case anyone thinks he's far too tall).

Tentacled Cultist

Little Demon

Approx 20mm to the eye its a little demon, or maybe a statue that's been bought to life by some nefarious spell, I imagined him stalking down a corridor. Perhaps on his own or perhaps in a swarm... Comes away from the base so a slotta can easily be added.