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woensdag 3 november 2010

The Honourable Timothy Whopping

“Don't you think dear Timothy has gone rather too far this time, Tilly darling?”

“Oh too, too far!”

“One dreads to think what his father will make of all this. I dare say Lord Whopping is in for a terrible fright.”

“It is terribly frightful, isn't it dear?”

“Quite. It's one thing to carry on in London but quite another to do so here. I must say, I shouldn't be surprised if this party doesn't end with a murder.”

“Oh don't be so shocking Hattie! How shall I sleep tonight?!”

The Honourable Harriet Harbottle drained the last of her martini and stared mournfully at the olive resting quietly in the glass. “Oh I'm sure with the right encouragement you'll be just fine, dear” she sighed. “Now be a darling and find me another drink. I'm off to ask Timothy why he has that ridiculous toy gun.”


The Honourable Timothy Whopping. 34mm tall (which makes him 6'3" in heels at 1/56th scale in case anyone thinks he's far too tall).

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